01 December 2008

3 months. . . holy crap!!

How in the world did 3 months go so quick!! Granted those nights where she was up until 3am seemed like they went on forever, but hopefully those days are behind us. We were convinced for a while that the little princess was colicky around 8 weeks cause she would get to 9pm and start screaming her head off and then she was just a big ole ball of fuss until she finally went down, which was usually 2am or so. I finally decided to try sleep training stuff on her and she started sleeping through the night. I think she was just overly tired and it made her so fussy she didn't know what to do with herself. She's a completely different baby since she started sleeping at night. And now at 3 months she's even starting to nap regularly. Not that she has a certain time she goes down, but she does take 3 naps a day. The best part is she even lets me put her down for them now. She starts falling asleep and I put her in her crib and she takes a second to look around, realizes where she is, and conks out. She doesn't sleep long, but any sleep is better than no sleep! Those times that she'll have nothing to do with sleeping in her crib, she's always more than willing to sleep in her swing.

I used to think she was the spitting image of my niece, but she's becoming her own little person now. Here's a few of the latest picture of my big girl.

Now that she can hold her head up with no problem, the jumperoo has become the place to be.

She loves the swing, but she seems to have something against that poor lion, he always get the evil eye from her.

I made a hat, I'm not sure if she'll keep it or if it will go to a friend's baby. It sure it cute on her, but I've got tons of this yarn yet so even if it's gifted, my little princess will get one too!

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Kamigaeru said...

What big eyes you have! Man, she's really working on her knit wardrobe, isn't she? I'm jealous.