09 August 2008

Ravelympics, day 2

Last night and today have been somewhat productive knitting days. Last night I knit through the whole opening ceremonies, although it was so cool that I wound up watching a lot more than knitting!! I did some stuff around the house this morning while my sweetie played on his xbox. But then he decided he needed to go fix our front steps that are coming a little loose. It was perfect timing. . . right as the olympic coverage was starting!! So I sat and watched rowing, beach volleyball, swimming, and cycling while knitting away on my sweater. It was a nice relaxing day. Then my sweetie came back in and wanted to play his xbox again, oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Now I'm trying to wrangle the pups, who are just uncontrollable the last few days. But, I did manage to take some pictures of my latest WIPs.

First the english garden socks. They are just plain stockinette and I'm hoping they'll fit since I just guessed on the # of stitches I need. The color changes are just too wild to make anything with a pattern, I think this shows off the yarn nicely though. Oh, and it's so soft!!! They are getting put by the wayside for the next 17 days though.
Then, my second sweater attempt, what I'm calling my olympic goal sweater. I love it so far. If it turns out as good as I hope then it will be good motivation to lose weight!!
This is about 8 inches of the back. It's going pretty fast. Gotta love bulky yarn!! I'm hoping my sweetie will let me watch tonight's olympic coverage and I'll get even more done. He doesn't understand the whole olympics thing though so I don't want to force him to watch it and we only have one TV in the house (usually not a problem, but it just may be a big problem tonight!)

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Courtney said...

I love the color of that sock yarn... Very pretty!