08 May 2008

Attack of the Pink!!

I've been shopping! I had to go pick up a bridesmaid dress for a wedding at the end of the month, which was a total disaster. It's too big and I can't decide what to do. I've still got a few weeks before the wedding so what if I have it taken in and then my boobs grow more and it's too small! Anyway, the place I had to go to was down in Columbus and conveniently located close to Babies R Us, so of course I had to stop in. The last time I was there I was actually good about not buying anything. I think that's because I was registering and it's almost like shopping. But this time I had to give in to the pink:
My favorite is the outfit on the bottom right, it's terrycloth!

I also finished the second of the February Sweaters. I really like the way this one came out. The color is way off on this, but it's a rainy, dreary day so outside pictures are gonna have to wait.
But, I'm having decision issues for my next one. Here are the 2 I've made so far:
I think that the bottoms one is much cuter with just the 3 buttons. But, I think that the top one may be much more practical with it buttoning all the way down the front. I think I'm going to have to let it stew for a bit before I decide what to do on the next one. Feel free to chime in with opinions!

And last, but not least, I've been bugged by a bunch of people for a baby belly shot. So, here you go:
I'm guessing she's about 15 pounds by now! I obviously have lots of weight to lose after she's born, but I can't worry about it now. I'll try to get a better shot one of these days if I ever remember to ask my sweetie to take a picture for me.


Valerie said...

Stop buying yourself stuff!!! You have to save something for the shower! I like the sweater with just the 3 buttons on top best.

Origami Angel said...

I agree with Valerie...I definitely like the one with 3 buttons on top best! How practical do you need to be with something as adorable as that jacket...if it's really cold outside you're either going to stay in or bundle her up in a snowsuit on top of said cute jacket...either way, 3 buttons would do the trick. Ha ha...just my 2 cents. Hugs, Kristy

Dorothy & Michael said...

If the baby is about 15 lbs. by now you're going to have one helluva big baby! Maybe even one for the Guinesss Book of World Records!!!

Both sweaters are gorgeous by the way. I envy you your talent!