19 April 2008

Crafty plans

With the news of a little girl, all my crafting plans have changed. I can return to the quilt I started, then put on hold since I was convinced she was a boy. That's going to be quite a project and will take up tons of my time. But I also want to knit at least one girly thing since everything else has been boyish. I'm going to make a February Sweater and depending on how I like it and how easy it is to make, I will either keep it for the little girl (I need to find something to call her!) and make another for my cousin's baby, or I will just give it to my cousin's baby.

My sister gave me a great idea the other day. I was complaining about how she hasn't finished my graduation shawl yet and she said she would get to it soon and hopefully she could get it done cause it would make a great nursing shawl. Now, I don't know what she's thinking cause that thing is alpaca (I think) and the baby will cook under it! It'll be great in winter, but not so much when she's just born in the fall. So, my brilliant beyond brilliant idea is that I'm going to knit myself a nursing shawl. I have some gray lace yarn in the basement that should be enough for a shawl and I have the Victorian Lace Today book. I just need to pick out a pattern and start knitting. I should probably finish some of the stuff on my needles first so I don't have too many projects looming over me, but I know I won't!! That's not how I roll!

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