29 December 2007


I think I've been sucked into an alternate universe where everything is exactly the same except that ravelry and bloglines don't exist!!!!! It's horrible! Both sites are not responding and I finally have a second to sit in front of the computer. I had a very fussy day. It was a good day until my sweetie reminded me we have to go to a wedding next week and we have yet to set up dog boarding (we've never boarded our dogs and I'm very nervous about this!), plane tickets, hotel, car rental, buying a present, or buying a dress! But the good part of the day is that we got an Amish made dresser for the bedroom and it should be delivered next week. I'll be able to get my clothes off the floor and the dogs won't be able to bury anymore bones in my piles of clothes! THe major find for the day was a cedar chest for a whopping $75!! I'll take pictures later, I'm not in the mood to take pictures right now. Anyway, with very little to do right now due to the ravelry/bloglines dilemma, I'm going to knit. I could get the tickets settled for this weekend, but I'm far too fussy!!

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