09 November 2007


I got a package from my mom today that had a lot of bills I have to pay (my mail is being forwarded to her right now until we get a permanent address) and a package from my secret pal! It was just fantastic!

Here's the whole thing:
First off there was a lambchop doll that is as soft as can be and a tape measure. The tape measure will go directly into one of my knitting bags (you can never have enough tape measures!!) and Lambchop will keep me company in my knitting room when we move, until then she's going into the closet since Trapper showed way too much interest in her (that's his nose sitting on the table)!
There was a beautiful card with a drawing of a sheep writing a letter to Ms. Ewe at 12 Meadow in Bah, PA. How cute is that!
Some fingering weight yarn from knit picks in mint:
That will probably become a pair of socks unless I find something to make from it in my first ever EZ book, Knitter's Almanac!!!!:
I've been wanting this for a while. Especially since Kelley Petkun of the knit picks podcast is doing a year long knit-a-long (called Elizabeth's Year on Yahoo) and is chronicling it in her podcast. I probably won't join the knit-a-long cause I have too much stuff online to keep up with already, another group would be overkill for me right now.

For those of you who may be occasional knitters and may not know about the EZ (Elizabeth Zimmermann) obsession most people have, let me explain a little (a very little, check out here for a more detailed EZ story). EZ was a revolutionary knitter, she encouraged people to think for themselves a bit and not follow exact patterns through newsletters. She later founded a company to supply the public with needles and quality yarns. Speaking of those quality yarns:
The last part of the package from my secret pal was a cake of unspun Icelandic wool from Schoolhouse Press, the company EZ founded. The color doesn't show up so great in this picture (I'm still learning about the new camera), but I'm calling it misty blue. I can not wait to work with it. I'll definitely be able to find something to make with it from EZ's Knitter's Almanac.

I honestly can not say it enough, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I've really been spoiled!!

(Trapper says: Can I please play with lambchop? I promise I won't hurt her! I just want to nibble her a little. Please!)


Valerie said...

Your pal rocks. I'm totally jealous. My pal has without a doubt abandoned me. Sob! You got an awesome package :-) Have fun with it!

Lynda said...

I think I'm with Valerie. You've got an awesome pal. My is being a slug and has abandoned me too. Oh well, I'm having a great time spoiling my downstream!