13 November 2007


Yesterday was my first day as a Stay At Home Wife. I've been done with school for 2 months or so now, but I've had my sweetie home with me so it's been like a very long vacation. Yesterday he had to go to work! And then this morning he had to go to work AGAIN!! The good news is that he likes his job a lot better than that silly tug boat job. He said everyone seems really nice so far but he's got a lot to learn. My sweetie is a smartie though and I'm sure he'll have no problem learning everything he needs to know.

Luckily I wasn't as sick as I've been the last few days and I was able to be somewhat productive during my first day as a SAHW. I got lots of laundry and cleaning done in the apartment which has been completely neglected while I was sick. The pups got a couple long walks, bills got paid, mortgage and insurance companies got called, and I'm caught up on my bloglines. Amazing stuff! Come 3pm I crashed though, I guess I'm not quite back to healthy yet. I took a little nap and then knitted. Until this happened:
Don't look at the sock, look at the working yarn. I'm not the most experienced sock knitter, but I have made 4 pairs so far and that was the first knot I've come to in sock yarn. I know this is not the end of the world and knots are necessary every once in a while. Luckily this yarn has very short color repeats and I didn't have to match up colors or anything. It did ruin my knitting mojo for the night though (I'm sure the cold had something to do with it as well).

Now I have to give a public shout out to my little man. He's been the best snuggler while I was sick:
I promise I'll read the instruction manual for my camera soon and picture quality will hopefully improve soon.

On the agenda for day 2 as a SAHW:
Get my sweetie some new socks
Walk the pups
Figure out some podcast editting software
Knit like the wind!!!

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