19 November 2007

My Owl Has Landed!!!

After taking a layover on Long Island, my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap arrived today!!!!! It's absolutely amazing! This is what I got when I opened the package of mail sent from my parents' house:
Unwrapping the tissue paper I found this beautiful messenger bag in Ravenclaw colors. It's very thick and sturdy. Super secret project #3 has already been transferred into it. I've made a bunch of felted bags, mainly small ones for our annual charity auction. I've only made one that is about this size so I know just how much time and effort goes into knitting a bag this big and I can't say thank you enough for this bag. I LOVE IT!
Onto the goodies inside of the bag:
There's some Harry Potter candy, which I didn't get a close up picture of, but it's the Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans (I'm really hoping that I can get my sweetie to try the earwax and dirt flavored ones since he thinks that they all taste like regular jelly beans) and Jelly Slugs.
Knitting goodies included a Harry Potter snitch washcloth. I actually have 2 other washcloths in this same shade of yellow so it will fit right in!
There are some gorgeous handmade stitch markers with a stitch marker case. I have a little plastic case that holds some knitting notions, but I think I'll switch it to this case cause it's much prettier than a plastic case.
There's a set of US 1 bamboo dpns that I can't wait to use! I had a pair of bamboo dpns that I managed to bend to an almost unusable point. I've learned to relax a bit while knitting socks so I think it's about time I give bamboo another shot. Along with the needles there's some bath "potion". As soon as we move into our house there's a definite bath or 2 on my schedule!
Then there's the piece de resistance, sock yarn!! Ravenclaw colors, of course. It's absolutely gorgeous. Superwash wool, my favorite! It's from Razzy Tazzy Knits, which I had never heard of, I have no idea how she found this place, but it's fantastic. The yarn is so smooshy! You can't really tell from the picture but the colors are so great. It ranges from medium grey to light grey to baby blue to a rich bright royal blue. I really can't wait to knit this up. I'm definitely knitting this up into socks for myself so I have to wait to cast on until I'm done with my holiday knitting, although maybe it can be my "solace from holiday knitting" project.
Oh and then there's the pattern! There's just so much I almost forgot it even though the whole thing is sitting right in front of me. It's the flicker sock from Cookie A (one of my favorite designers. The pattern is on my ravelry queue so I definitely want to knit it up soon. I'm completely overwhelmed with all the amazing stuff that I got in this swap. The best part about the whole swap though was getting to know my swap partners. I spoiled Sarah and I was spoiled by Nancy. Both of them are friends of mine on ravelry and their blogs are on my bloglines so I can stalk them all I want! There's nothing left to say except THANK YOU to Nancy! You went above and beyond and I really feel spoiled!


Nancy said...

Waving Hi to Julianne!

I am so glad you liked everything! Knowing that you have felted in the past, I was really intimidated about making the bag, but I really like the way it turned out. I hope to make one for myself soon! It was so much fun putting things together for the swap but it was especially nice getting to know you!
Knitty hugs~ Nancy

loveyourbag said...

Oooh, what a great package! That bag is wonderful and the yarn is yummy. I'm glad someone spoiled you as much as you spoiled me!