15 November 2007

Day 4 and bored

It's day 4 of being a SAHW for me. I'M BORED!!! I know that when we move into our house (hopefully the first week of December!) I won't be so bored cause I'll have a big house to take care of, my sweetie will be home 2 more hours a day since he won't have a long commute, hopefully he'll come home for lunch too, and I'll have a place to walk the dogs. Right now we're in a small apartment with 2 bags full of clothes. There's only so much cleaning and laundry I can do in a week.

So, to entertain myself today I'm blogging. With all this free time on my hands I should have lots of FOs, right? No. Sorry, I'm just not a fast knitter. Instead I'm going to do a series of finished object reviews for everyone. Today is going to be my accessories review. Being as it is pretty cold here in Ohio right now I've had to wear mittens and hats quite a lot when I'm walking the dogs. I only brought a handful of knitted items with me for the move (the rest are in storage). So here's a review of what I've been using regularly:

My Calorimetry:
I wear this just about every time I go outside now. It's great for keeping my hair out of my face and keeping my ears nice and warm. It's a little big since Val refuses to do gauge swatches! It's not so big it falls off or anything, it's just wide and sticks up a bit on the top of my head. I was worried it would get stretched out very easily and I'd have to block it after every couple of wearings, but not one bit! I've worn it a good 40 to 50 times so far and it hasn't needed to be blocked yet. I love this thing and will probably make myself another one to match some other accessories since I have nothing that matches right now.

My Fetching Mittens:
I've been wearing these quite a bit lately. They won't be getting nearly as good a review as the calorimetry! I do love the way they look and the way they feel, they're just not great for what I need. I need fingerless mitts for walking the dogs so I can use my fingers to switch the leashes around and handle the poopy bags. The problem with these is that the top rolls a lot and starts to look crappy after a single use. I haven't had time to block them since I do need mittens every day and these are the only fingerless ones I have with me. The yarn has held up great. I used the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that was called for in the pattern. Even with 2 60 pound dogs constantly pulling on the leashes and the leashes rubbing against the fabric, it still looks like new. There is not felting or pilling.

OK, time to put on those accessories and walk the dogs in the snow!

Up next, if I don't finish my secret pal socks by the next time I want to blog, a review of the 4 pairs of socks I've finished and how they've held up so far.


Sheknits said...

Hope you enjoy your new home. I was thinking of teaching that Calometry (or however it is spelled) as a first project in the beginning knit class I am going to teach. It was easy and a little fun...right?

Winnie said...

Hey Juli-

I know. I hate it being between jobs because I get too bored, too! Same things. The other problem you've got is that you don't have a group of people to hang out with and share knitting and babysitting (even for furkids). I think that would help.

Your old knitting group misses you!