14 September 2007

Letterboxing. . . Part Deux

I gave letterboxing another try a few days ago and it was a success. It was lots of fun and of course the boys enjoyed it. We saw some nice wildlife too. Including a turtle on the bridge we were walking over, which the boys tried to scratch through its shell. And a deer and its fawn, which the boys both pointed at and then barked their heads off at. Unfortunately it was an injured deer with a broken leg and it didn't quite run away so quickly so the barking went on for a long time (we checked with the park ranger and that deer has been there for years and the injury happened a long time ago). Here's the first stamp in my letterboxing book:
OK, now onto some knitting content since this is a crafting blog. I'm slowly working on the sleeve for my sweetie's sweater. It's growing:
The color is completely off on this picture but I had to go flashless to show the pretty cable. I'm very happy with the new cable design.

The jaywalker sock is also SLOWLY growing:
It's a very easy, quick knit. But I'm not happy at all with the color/pattern combination. This seems to be a reoccuring problem with my socks lately. I think that this is going to be frogged soon. I don't know what it will be. But I'm thinking that the knit picks essential that I got a while ago may make a much better jaywalker.

I've been distracted the last few days with a new thing. I've been wondering what I can do to make some money off of this craft stuff I do and I've been thinking of setting up an etsy shop. But then my friend asked if I wanted to share a table with her at a craft fair (well, she asked everyone in our knitting group and I think I'm the only one who responded). I'm going to make a few felted bags that were a big hit at last year's charity auction. Here is one pre-felting. I got yarn to make 4 and I'm going to felt them all together. I made up the pattern a while ago but never wrote down the pattern so I hope I'm remembering it right. Maybe I should felt this one first to see if it looks ok before I make 3 more.
I'm also going to make some home made dog biscuits from the left over grain from my sweetie's beer making, some felted dog toys, some cat toys (maybe), and I'm going to try to make up a wristlet pattern. The wristlet patter will be tough since it requires a zipper and I'm not so great at putting zippers in. The craft fair is October 16th so I'll be busy crafting until then.

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Valerie said...

Good luck with the craft fair. When will it be? I like the colors on the bag- is it SWS? Glad to hear th letterboxing went better this time around!