31 October 2005

Shawl is finished!

Finally. . . the shawl is done. I worked on it most of the night Friday and didn't go to bed unti it was done. It looks great. It's not as big as the other one I did with the same yarn, Imust be knitting tighter, but it's a good length. It's triangular and the points go right to the end of my fingers so it should be a perfect fit on my sister too since we're the same height. Pictures are coming. I leant my camera out this week and should be getting it back soon.

Wanted to make it to the Hancock's sale, but that didn't happen so I still don't have fabric to work on the charity quilt. I'll have to get a move on with that. But, with the hubby gone this week, I probably won't get to the store. I did make it to a knitting store and got everything I need for my running mittens. I'm making the warmest mittens from the knit knack kit. I've fnished the ribbed cuff on the first one. I'm really enjoying them. It's nice to do something new, I've been making shawls for months now and I really needed something different.

Also started the sweater for my niece, but all I did was cast on the stitches for the front piece and then I got the supplies for my mittens and was too excited to start those. My niece is turning 6 this winter so I am making it in size 7/8 so it will fit her next year (just in case). I don't want to do all this work and finish it at the end of winter and she'll only be able to wear it once. It will be big on her this year (if I finish) and it should fit nice next year, granted I sew my ends in right and it doesn't fall apart at the first washing!!

OK, that's it for my update. I'll be posting pictures of the shawl and my mittens in progress in the next few days.

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