26 October 2005

10 more rows

Well, I knitted my fingers off lastnight and finished another 10 rows of the green shawl for my sister!! I unfortunately can't make it to my usual knitting group tonight, but we're having dinner with our good friends, so it's acceptable. We'll probably be out late, but I'll try to knit a little bit when I get back. It's coming along though.
I'm adding another project to my priorities, a pair of mittens! It'll be a little tricky for me, but I think that I'm up for it! Since my first pair of mittens will probably look a little silly, I think that I'll make them to match my running hat (which is also on the list) and then I'll make another pair to actually wear to work.
Hopefully my next update will be that the shawl is in the mail to my sister, and hopefully I'll remember to take a picture of this one!!

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