05 July 2005

First 8K

I ran my very first 8K yesterday. That's almost 5 miles! I did absolutely horrible and finished with a time of 52 minutes (place 316 out of 408). I'm a very slow runner and I've never really cared about it, but I'm starting to get a bit more serious and would like to actually finish with respectable times. Maybe one day, but I'm not thinking it will happen any time soon! No matter how slow I was, it was a good distraction from eating my way through the 4th of July.

I spent the rest of the day working on my knitting surprise project #2. I would really like to finish that so I can start making a felted bag that requires the same size circular needles. All day Sunday was spent working on my craft barter project where I'm making a quilt for a friend who's knitting me a sweater. I've got the top pieced except for the borders. It's going to be tied so it should not be too much longer til it's finished (but I've been saying that since I started). I don't nkow what quilt project to do after that. I think I'll work on finishing a blue and white quilt I started for me and my husband. I didn't have quite enough backing material (like a quarter of an inch short) and I thought I could cover it with the binding. But with all the effort that I put into that quilt, I'm not going to do a bad job on the backing. I'll have to unpin it and go buy some nice backing material.

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