06 June 2005

Here goes nothing

Ok, so I see how this things works now. A little about me: I'm a graduate student studying marine science. My husband is a naval officer and I'm very proud of him! Although I do miss him like crazy when he's gone. I have been spending all my time lately trying to get into shape. I recently lost 70+ pounds and will be at my goal weight soon enough. A major player in the weight loss was running. I love running. I did a 5K this weekend and placed third in my age group (there were only 3 of us though!) I'm one of the slowest ones out there and usually finish with the 70 year old women, but I have fun and one day I'll care enough about my times to train to get faster. Right now I'm trying to run further and increase my longest run each week from 3 miles to 6 miles. I'm in the first week of the training program from runner's world magazine, which went pretty well. Next week I have my first 4 mile run, we'll see how that goes.
I'm also in the process of planning a wedding. Lots more stress than fun, but I'm sure the actually day will be great. I'm already technically married, but we never got to have a real wedding cause the Navy swept my husband halfway across the country and now halfway across the world. He'll be home soon enough and we'll have a real wedding and be able to finally start our life together. It's been tough cause he's been gone for 15 months now and I've been trying to focus on work, but there's no way to not think about him all day long. He's the best person in the world and I love him to pieces! We've been through a lot already. We lived in Rhode Island for a while when he was in officer training school. It was great and I would love to move back there one day. I hated my job there though, mailboxes etc. Yuck, but there were no other opportunites and no one will even consider Navy girlfriends for real jobs up there cause they know we're only temporary. After RI, we moved to Virginia. He did a 6 month deployment and then was home for about a year with a few weeks here and there when they were at sea. Then they transferred him to Texas for a year. Unfortunately I couldn't go along because of graduate school. Now he's overseas, but he's due back in about 2 and a half months. I'm counting down the days. . . 67!!
Other than thinking about my husband, work, running, and dieting I also like to do crafts. Right now I'm making a quilt for a friend who has a craft barter going on with me. I'll make her a quilt and she'll knit me a sweater. It's a pretty sweet deal. I'm also working on a knitting project, but that's a surprise for some friends so just in case, I won't say anything about that for a while. Ok, well, I guess that's all there is to say for now. I'll just be posting random stuff, I guess that's what these things are for!

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Josh Williams said...

You know what a good song for this blog is "kodachrome" by simon and garfunkel.